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Northern New England's Premiere Choice For Offsite Corporate Events

Doing business in Northern New England? Looking for ways to reward your employees for a job well done? Tired of the same city settings and stiff, uncomfortable event sites? Our private day resort is the answer! Take a moment to visit with us and you'll see why!

What is this place, anyway?Watch out Kate! Don't hit the shore!

What can you do there?

barbecue caterer resort businessWho can rent the resort?

maine resort businessHow much does it cost?

maine resort catererHey, why is this more expensive than a restaurant?

lobsterbake maineWhat's so great about our lobsterbake?                           Any more and the dock will sink!

barbecueAren't we suppose to do this at the ocean?

maine resort business swimmingWhere the heck is this place?

caterer maineCan't I just walk in and get a meal?                                    

lobsterbake barbeque businessHow can I get in touch with you guys?

barbecue catererCan you show me some more pictures?    

barbecue caterer Forget it! I want to do this myself!            Oh those summer days

barbecue caterer Say, where can I get some help planning my event?


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