Our lobsterbake is real! We don't boil or steam our lobsters in a pot. Anyone can do that! Our lobsters are placed in fresh seaweed and cooked over a roaring hardwood fire. The results? A taste that you can't get by any other process or in any restaurant, gourmet or otherwise!

Our steaks and chickens are grilled over hardwood oak stickings, not charcoal or gas. Prepared for you! Fresh! Everyday!

Our salads are fresh! We're not a restaurant that orders hoping to use the lettuce before it wilts. We know how many to expect and we make it just prior to your meal. Fresh! Everyday!

Decide to go with potato salad? Ours is never canned or purchased elsewhere. We make it fresh! Everyday!

We make our biscuits, cornbread or rolls just for you! We make our own dough, never frozen or purchased. Fresh! Everyday!

Why are our strawberries so happy? Because they are ladled on a real shortcake made from scratch within 1 hour of your meal! Fresh! Everyday!

Talk to your caterer and ask how they do their lobsterbake or barbecue and then you be the judge!